Al-Khitab Compassion was founded on four foundation stones: FAITH . HOPE . LOVE . PATIENCE .














We believe that the cycle of poverty and suffering shall be broken globally if everybody puts in a small effort.



In the midst of suffering we tap into our inner strength for the courage to believe in our dreams against all odds.



We embrace and love people because human beings are globally connected in unique ways



We know that our goals can only be achieved one woman, one girl, one man, one boy at a time.

Our Organization makes the journey to freedom possible for refugees and communities from Africa, Asia, Middle east and other fore gin countries that have been resettled in America with a hope for a better living and a bright future. But a small percentage of this community manages to adjust to American life and make a good living out of it.


After 8 months of resettlement by the agents, the refugees who do not have education and a strong foundation in the family ties are not easily able to identify what to do in life such that they find themselves entangled in unforeseen circumstances and get involved in immorality such as abuse of drugs, alcoholism, and finally family breakups; all this leads to hopelessness and lack of self esteem. And due to economic hardships they are unable to break even as they struggle to fit in the society.


This community is struggling to make ends meet and a pity to the society hence easy prey for gang groups which would end up leading them to a future in prison.

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